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The Saskatchewan Environmental Society, the SES Solar Co-operative and the Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative, along with all of our Renewable Rides team members listed below, are providing various elements to the project, including financial support and in-kind contributions:

  • Sun Country Highway is providing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and the design, development, and integration of the EV car share technology
  • Saskatchewan Research Council is doing data analysis on driving conditions impacts on EVs, and will look at load growth and demand management on the urban electric grid as EVs become more widely adopted
  • Saskatoon Light & Power is providing the transfer of renewable energy through a virtual net metering process
  • Wardell Gillis is providing legal expertise
  • Affinity Credit Union is hosting an EV charging station and is providing financial support towards the purchase of two EVs
  • Radiance Co-housing is providing financial support towards one EV and other elements, which will be announced soon
  • Exa Energy is providing technical expertise

Many Renewable Rides announcements will take place in 2018. Check back often to see how this project is developing.

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